Establishing the Expectation…

Dragons have captivated the imagination of people around the globe for thousands of years. In almost every culture, there exists a story about an ancient Dragon or Serpent. Some of these stories are good and others evil.
If unconnected cultures have stories of the same beings, wouldn’t it stand to reason that these stories have some solid basis in truth?
If you feel these stories may be rooted in reality rather than fiction and are ready to find out the truth, we welcome you to Orion Oracle.

Now for the necessary information to make a visit to Orion Oracle’s blog more pleasant for all…

***Please read the following Orion Oracle blog expectations:

1. Please to do not proselytize in the comments.
We don’t bring our beliefs to your blog, don’t bring yours to ours. We are familiar with hell and Satan. (Many of us have already been there and met him, so coming to Orion Oracle to impress God by telling us we’re damned and going to hell to meet him is redundant.) God is not lost to us, so we don’t need to “find” or “get right” with him/her. We are already acquainted with Yeshua, (or “Jesus”).
If others want to convert to a preferred religion or have their questions answered, they have the right to seek those answers out on their own time, in their own way.
Proselytizers will be removed by Orion Oracle Administrators.

2. Please refrain from Spamming or Trolling. We aren’t in Middle School where Trolling is considered an expected behavior. If you’re an adult, act like one and respectfully keep inflammatory opinions to yourself. Violators of this expectation will be banned from commenting.

3. If you must engage in debate on the comments of this page, keep it civil and respectful, as mature people should. Treat others with differing opinions as though they are teachers and you as a person with something to learn. Again, no proselytizing, trolling or threatening.
Anyone unable to engage in reasonable discourse will be removed by Page Administrators.

4. All threats will be treated as legitimate and reported to the proper authorities, including our own… and it is foolish to threaten dragons. We work in unseen realms and our justice is more unpleasant than any delivered by a government on Earth.

***5. If any material is shared from Orion Oracle, please follow the Dragons’ ‘Law of BalMuhr’ and do not alter any quote to suit a personal agenda. Keep the integrity of all information and quotes by sharing them EXACTLY as they are stated on the blog, including citations and image attributions.***

***Image Attribution for Orion Oracle Header:

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